I cannot describe how chilled to the bone my body became when I clicked on the BBC news website on Saturday 14th November morning.

I was in Paris for two days in October, literally a month ago. I was sitting outside cafes and bars, eating and watching the world go by. I am so very thankful that I was not caught up in the terror, and my heart aches for all those who have lost their lives or family members.

This painting was created from my trip to France and I had called it Morals.

It belonged to a "homeless" (?) man on the streets of Paris, even though I kind of thought there was probably some sort of tourist scam, I simply couldn't walk on by without giving this little dog a pat and a tickle. It seemed pretty happy getting the attention, wrapped in its wooly blanket.

Be strong the people of Paris, our morals of living a peaceful life will never be overtaken by those who wish to disrupt it.

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